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  • Bhutan's Druk Air seeks to add third A319

    Nicholas Ionides Paro The reclusive Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan's national carrier, Druk...

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  • Phenom 100: attraction trumps detractions

    News | 12 Oct 2010 09:00

    After nearly two years of growing pains, Embraer's Phenom 100 is fast becoming the benchmark for the light jet sectorhttp://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/Phenom-100-attraction-trumps-detractions-348249/
  • Bhutan's Druk Air seeks to add third A319

    News | 10 Apr 2008 11:30 | Nicholas Ionides

    Nicholas Ionides Paro The reclusive Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan's national carrier, Druk...http://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/Bhutans-Druk-Air-seeks-to-add-third-A319-222870/
  • Bhutan's Druk Air looks to expand

    News | 09 Apr 2008 10:23 | Nicholas Ionides

    Nicholas Ionides Paro Sangey Tenzing: the man behind Druk Air's essential service Standfirst - breifing. This is the style for the single line...http://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/Bhutans-Druk-Air-looks-to-expand-222856/
  • Druk Air seeks to widen network and move to all-Airbus A319 fleet

    News | 24 May 2005 00:00

    <p>Bhutan's Druk Air is seeking traffic rights to expand its route network to Dubai, Hong Kong and Singapore, while closing on the sale of its BAe 146s to standardise its fleet around the Airbus A319.</p> <p>Managing director Sangey Tenzing says the new services depend largely on a revised air services agreement being negotiated with India to give it further fifth freedom, or beyond, rights.</p> <p>The carrier's network currently covers flights on just two routes: Paro-Kolkata-Bangkok and Paro-Kathmandu-Delhi. Sangey says it hopes to operate the new services beyond Delhi or Kolkata, India. Hong Kong may be served via the Nepalese capital Kathmandu.</p> <p>"Early next year we are hoping to start the new routes," he says. "Our government is still negotiating the air services agreement [with India]. This is taking a long time, but we are hopeful."</p> <p>Druk is the only airline serving the reclusive Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan, which effectively limits the number of foreign visitorshttp://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/Druk-Air-seeks-to-widen-network-and-move-to-all-Airbus-A319-fleet-198313/
  • CFM to power Druk Air A319s

    News | 25 Feb 2004 00:00

    <p>Bhutan national airline Druk Air has selected CFM56-5B engines to power its two new Airbus A319 aircraft that are scheduled for delivery late this year, the engine maker announced at Asian Aerospace yesterday.</p> <p>Druk Air ordered the A319s as part of a fleet expansion and renewal programme. They will replace the airline's current BAC 146 aircraft, providing extra capacity and enabling it to expand its network in the region. It intends to offer routes to destinations such as Singapore and Dubai in the near future.</p> <p>Druk Air's Paro airport is one of the most interesting in the world. The 2,000m (6,500ft) strip is set in a narrow valley, 7,300ft above sea level and surrounded by Himalayan peaks. </p> <p>The Bhutan airline now joins other CFM customers on the subcontinent such as Jet Airways, Air Sahara, Sri Lankan Airlines and Biman Bangladesh Airlines.</p>http://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/CFM-to-power-Druk-Air-A319s-179878/
  • Druk Air ready for A319 pricing talks with Airbus

    News | 24 Jun 2003 00:00

    <p>NICHOLAS IONIDES / SINGAPORE</p> <p>After shunning the Boeing 737-700, carrier plans to proceed with two-aircraft order</p> <p>Bhutan's Druk Air is preparing to open formal pricing negotiations with Airbus over the planned purchase of two A319s after selecting the aircraft over the Boeing 737-700.</p> <p>Managing director Sangay Khandu says Bhutan's council of ministers has approved the airline's long-running fleet revamp studies, allowing it to proceed with an order for two A319s to replace its two BAe 146s. Initial pricing proposals have been made by Airbus but Khandu says more discussions need to be held.</p> <p>"We selected the A319 because it has a better payload capacity out of Paro Airport. We are at a high altitude, and there are high temperatures during the summer months. The price was also cheaper."</p> <p>Khandu says he hopes the aircraft can be delivered in the second half of next year, allowing Druk to launch new international services. He adds that an engine selechttp://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/Druk-Air-ready-for-A319-pricing-talks-with-Airbus-167759/