News Listings for Raleigh-Durham International

  • Business aviation in brief: 22 August 2006

    News | 21 Aug 2006 23:00

    <H2><FONT size=2>Sentient move</FONT></H2> <P>Guardian LP Services has taken delivery of the first two of nine Beechcraft Premier IA light jets for charter services operating from Ontario airport in California on behalf of Sentient Jet's private-jet membership programme.</P> <H2><FONT size=2>Airport expands</FONT></H2> <P>Landmark Aviation has completed a $2 million expansion of its Raleigh Durham International, North Carolina fixed-base operation, adding hangar and office space. </P> <H2><FONT size=2>Support service</FONT></H2> <P>Sino Swearingen Aircraft has received a repair station certificate from the US Federal Aviation Administration, allowing it to provide technical support for operators of its SJ30 light business jet. The first service centre is located at San Antonio International airport in Texas, adjacent to the manufacturer's headquarters. SSAC will hand over the first customer SJ30 imminently and plans to deliver three this year, 30 next year and 100 a year from 2010
  • A little Christmas cheer

    News | 01 Jan 2002 00:00

    UScarriers received their compensation payments before the holiday and are now turning to the issue of government loan guarantees
  • USA calls for disclosure of pilot work records

    News | 08 Nov 1995 00:00

    <p>Ramon Lopez/WASHINGTON DC David Learmount/LONDON </p> <p>THE US NATIONAL Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is to examine airline rights of access to pilots' previous employment history, following the investigation of a 1994 regional-airliner accident which killed 15 people. </p> <p>The NTSB, which blames the pilot of the Flagship Airlines British Aerospace Jetstream Super 31 for the crash, says that he had resigned from Delta Connection regional carrier Comair under threat of dismissal, although Flagship did not know that when it employed him days later. </p> <p>The report says: "Flagship did not obtain any training records on the accident captain from Comair. Comair's standard response for employment history would not, had it been obtained, have included meaningful information on training and flight proficiency, despite the availability of such data." </p> <p>Tony Broderick, the US Federal Aviation Administration's deputy chief, is strongly urging full disclosure of pilot-perf
  • Bargain carriers establish hubs away from bases

    News | 01 Feb 1995 00:00

    <p>US LOW-COST CARRIERS, Midway and ValuJet Airlines, are establishing new hubs. Chicago-based Midway has reached agreement with American Airlines to lease gates at Raleigh-Durham International Airport, North Carolina, while Atlanta-based ValuJet has begun operations from Washington Dulles International Airport. </p> <p>Midway plans to shift most of its operations from Chicago Midway to Raleigh-Durham where, on 2 March, it will begin operating 22 daily departures to Chicago and six US West Coast destinations. It has leased seven gates at American's terminal and plans to add five more gates and six more routes on 15 June, taking daily departures to 42. </p> <p>American is reducing services at its loss-making Raleigh-Durham hub, which it opened in 1987, and has reached an agreement under which Midway passengers will earn American frequent-flyer miles. The airline will reduce its schedule of 60 daily departures to 17 by mid- June. </p> <p>Midway will scale down its unprofitable Chicago