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    News | 19 Apr 2004 23:00

    <p>I-Joke</p> <p>Thanks to nephew Giulio Valdonio whose diligent scouring of the Italian register has produced a few more oddities:</p> <p>For the weight watchers: I-KILO (Learjet 55), I-BUTY (Piper PA31), I-CLOD (Partenavia P.64B), I-LOOK (Learjet 55), and I-SLIM (Piper Colt).</p> <p>For those with a flair for the dramatic: I-BURY (Piper PA23), I-CHOC (Falcon 10), I-DIVE (Dornier 27), I-DROP (Piper AP28), I-FEAR (SIAI Marchetti S.205), I-HIGH (Cessna 337), I-MISS (Cessna 172), I-SINK (SIAI Marchetti SF.260) I-SKIM (Cessna 182), I-SPIN (Piper PA28) I-TRIP (Falco F.8L) and I-ZOOM (Learjet 35A).</p> <p>For the carefree types: I-DRAW (Zlin 50), I-GOLF (Piper PA18), I-GROW (MB.339), I-JOKE (Zlin 526) and I-LOVE (Douglas DC-3).</p> <p>For the animal lovers: I-CRAB (Cessna 150) and I-TOAD (Cessna Stationair).</p> <p>And thanks to nephew Tony Mackinnon for recalling the story about four bus loads of "reggie spotters" on an LAAS International extravaganza to Switzerland who turned up to