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  • Recipe for carbonfibre recycling is hot stuff

    News | 17 Jan 2006 00:00

    <P>Pyrolysis, or the decomposition of a substance using heat, is the best way of recovering carbonfibre from recycled composite structures, according to the non-profit Metallurgical Research Association of the Basque Country in San Sebastián, Spain.</P> <P>Industrial interest in the environmental impact of dismantling aircraft led the centre to investigate carbonfibre recycling. The association investigated two processes for reclaiming carbonfibre from composite structures. One process uses nitric acid to dissolve the resin used to hold the fibres togther in a composite structure. The carbonfibre is&nbsp; then washed in water three times and once in acetone for its recovery.</P> <P>The second process is the pyrolysis method. This involves putting materials in an argon atmosphere that is heated to melt the resin, while the carbonfibre is unaltered.</P> <P>While researchers found that recycled carbonfibre from both processes could still provide strength enhancement for materials, they
  • Global airport groupings

    News | 01 Dec 2001 00:00

    <p>DATA COMPLIED BY TREVOR MOUNTFORD, INFORMATION RESEARCHER AT ATI</p> <p>This listing includes those international airport groups with significant business links and foreign holdings beyond their home country. Data is compiled from returns to the database of Airline Business sister online service Air Transport Intelligence. </p> <p>Aena Base: Spain Description: Aena manages 43 airports in Spain, 12 in Mexico and two in Colombia. It is also responsible for five air traffic control centres. Revenues: $1,333 million Main Airports: Barecelona, Madrid Passenger total: 128.1 million Owned airports: Alicante, Almeria, Asturias, Barranquilla - Ernesto Cortissoz, Badajoz - Talavera la Real, Barcelona, Bilbao, Cartagena, C&oacute;rdoba, El Hierro, Gerona, Ibiza, Fuerteventura, Granada, Gran Canaria - La Palma, La Coruna, Lanzarote, Madrid - Barajas, Madrid - Cuatro Vientos, Malaga, Melilla, Menorca, Murcia/San Javier, Palma de Mallorca, Pamplona, Reus, Sabadell, Salamanca, San Sebastian, S