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  • 50 years ago: 14 November 2006

    News | 14 Nov 2006 00:00

    <P> <TABLE style="BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse" borderColor=#000000 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=2 width=450 align=center bgColor=#f9e8ba border=0> <TBODY> <TR> <TD> <P align=center><IMG style="WIDTH: 220px; HEIGHT: 102px" alt="" src="../assets/getAsset.aspx?ItemID=10970" border=0></P> <P align=center><BR><STRONG>Flight 2.11.1956</STRONG></P> <P align=center><IMG style="WIDTH: 50px; HEIGHT: 50px" alt="" src="../assets/getAsset.aspx?ItemID=12740" border=0><STRONG></P> <P>Hawker's New Fighter </P> <P>Speaking in the House of Commons on Monday the Minister of Supply, Mr. Reginald Maudling, stated that the Hawker Siddeley Group were developing a new piloted fighter as a private venture. It is understood that the design, by a Hawker team led by Sir Sydney Camm, was refused a development contract by the Ministry of Supply, although it is reported that 1,800 m.p.h. is aimed at, and that a prototype should fly in 18 months.</P> <P>Landing Fine Reduced</P> <P>The appeal made by Mr. Norma