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  • Flight 100 - History 1909-1918

    News | 02 Jan 2009 00:01 | Philip Jarrett

    Britsh aviation made a slow start, but within the decade the country was making aircraft and the RAF had formed
  • Camel gets over the hump

    News | 19 Jul 2004 00:00

    <p>With the Middle East pavilion making its debut at Farnborough (see page 54) the distress call over the radio warning that an exhibitor was having trouble getting a camel into a tent was not totally unexpected. Keen photographers dashed out ... only to find it was the Brooklands Museum's Sopwith Camel exhibit. Museum director Allan Winn says: &quot;We had the hump about it, but resolved the problem by tethering our camel outside the tent.&quot;</p>
  • The Emperor's new clothes

    News | 23 Aug 1995 00:00

    Are future combat aircraft being priced out of the market? <p>Douglas Barrie/LONDON </p> <p>THE NEXT GENERATION OF combat aircraft is now in the process of being developed, but the costs of such projects are becoming so astronomical that the limited numbers procured will leave their operating air forces effectively naked. </p> <p>Purchasing a combat aircraft is a precarious business, and is becoming increasingly more so. As development cycles and service lives of aircraft are extended, then the military, economic and financial parameters which affect an aircraft at its inception are in danger of becoming obsolete within the aircraft's life time. </p> <p>There are effectively two main contributors to the cost of the aircraft - the price of design and development, and the cumulative cost of maintaining the aircraft throughout an increasingly long service life. </p> <p>Until relatively recently, the emphasis on cost focused almost solely on the first half of this equation, that of d