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  • FLEET WATCH: Orders May 2011

    News | 15 Jun 2011 08:10 | Antoine Fafard

    FLEET WATCH: Orders May 2011
  • Obituary - Latin America

    News | 31 May 2004 23:00

    <p>Two Latin leaders lost</p> <p>Latin American aviation lost two of its most respected leaders in April with the deaths of Ernesto Vasquez Rocha and Federico Bloch.</p> <p>Dr Vasquez was a Colombian lawyer, diplomat, and ICAO representative. He is best remembered for helping to form the International Association of Latin American Air Transport (AITAL) in 1980, and in guiding that organisation toward maturity. Always the courteous gentleman, he worked hard to move Latin aviation from its fragmented beginnings toward an integrated regional outlook. He served as AITAL's executive director for 23 years, only resigning last November due to poor health. His successor is Alex de Gunten.</p> <p>The death of Federico Bloch, age 50, came as more of a shock. Bloch was shot and killed in San Salvador's outskirts in an incident that is under investigation as a murder. Only two weeks earlier he had resigned as chief executive and a director of Grupo Taca to spend more time with his family. One
  • Marketplace

    News | 09 Dec 2003 00:00

    China's Sichuan Airlines has ordered four Airbus A319s to be delivered from next year. The International Aero Engines V2500-powered aircraft are part of a 30-aircraft order signed in April by China Aviation Supplies Import &amp; Export Group. International Lease Finance will supply two Airbus A340-600s to Iberia on 12-year leases under a recently firmed-up agreement. The aircraft will be delivered from February 2005. BAE Systems Regional Aircraft has leased two 68-seat ATP turboprops to Philippine domestic airline Asian Spirit. The ATPs will be delivered from this month, replacing NAMC YS-11s. Ireland's CityJet has taken delivery of an additional BAe 146-200 on lease from BAE Systems Regional Aircraft. Focus Aviation has placed 10 Boeing 737-200s with AeroContinente of Peru on behalf of El-Salvador-based TACA International Airlines. AeroContinente also operates Boeing 757s and 767s.
  • Taca denies delaying Sol Air

    News | 30 Jun 2003 23:00

    <p>Grupo Taca claims it played no part in the eight-month delay Honduras-based Sol Air experienced in gaining access to El Salvador and beyond to Miami (see Briefing May).</p> <p>"TACA was never involved in the Sol Air proceedings," insists William Handal, vice-president of El Salvador's Taca International Airlines. "Sol Air's permit was delayed because they did not complete in time the information required by law," he adds.</p> <p>Sol Air president Ricardo Martinez complains that El Salvador held up its request for nearly a year because Sol Air wet-leases jets from Falcon Air Express, which is a US rather than a Honduran carrier.</p>
  • New leader for new Taca

    News | 30 Apr 2003 23:00

    <p>Lacsa has appointed Fernando Naranjo as president of its new international division, Taca Costa Rica. This division takes over all international flights formerly operated by Lacsa, which is itself a member of the Grupo Taca airline family.</p> <p>Naranjo was picked for his political and diplomatic skills. An economist by background, he is former foreign minister of Costa Rica and a candidate for vice-president in the last national election. Naranjo has also been a commissioner for Costa Rica's soccer federation. He has no aviation background.</p> <p>Daily operation of the new international division will be managed by Mario Zamora, Grupo Taca's former director of airports.</p> <p>Lacsa decided to rebrand international operations to take advantage of the wider-known Taca name and to allow more flexibility in crew assignments with other member airlines in Grupo Taca.</p> <p>Taca Costa Rica is in the process of obtaining new licences and certificates for all international flights. L
  • Marketplace

    News | 23 Jul 2001 23:00

    Dutch operating lease company International Equipment Management (IEM) has concluded a sale and lease-back deal involving three new Airbus A320s, which have just been delivered to TACA International Airlines. Singapore Airlines has firmed up its earlier commitment for up to 25 Rolls-Royce Trent-powered Airbus A380s, including 10 firm orders and 15 options. Deliveries will begin in the first quarter of 2006. Frontier Airlines has exercised options on two Airbus A319s and accelerated deliveries from the second half of 2004 to May and June 2002. The Denver, Colorado-based airline has also advanced the return of a leased Boeing 737-700 from April 2002 to September this year. Frontier now has firm orders for 14 Airbus aircraft plus options on another 15. Air Tahiti Nui is to acquire a second Airbus A340-200 on lease, to allow it to begin three weekly flights from Papeete to Paris.