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  • Straight & level: 14 August 2007

    News | 12 Aug 2007 23:00 | Murdo Morrison

    Only a mother could love them What was the ugliest aircraft of them all? It's a question almost as old as aviation, but more contenders are being added...
  • Missing The Link

    News | 29 Oct 2002 00:00

    <p>China aims to one day complete an integrated air-defence network. In the meantime, it is expanding its airborne early warning capability to compensate</p> <p>Nick Farina / London</p> <p>China is one of the world's largest military powers and has vast areas of land and sea to defend. Unlike neighbouring Russia, however, China has never developed an integrated air-defence system linking early-warning and tracking radars, command and control centres, weapon systems and air bases into a unified, survivable national network. As a result, there is only a rudimentary, loosely organised air-defence system to protect Beijing, major cities and high-value targets, but the system has significant shortcomings and gaps in coverage. </p> <p>Although the introduction of more modern and capable air-defence systems into the inventory of the Chinese armed forces is under way, development of a truly modern, integrated system remains a distant objective. </p> <p>The air force is pursuing an airborne