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  • Frontier lures former executive to replace Potter

    News | 20 Aug 2007 23:00 | David Field

    Menke returns to Frontier Frontier Airlines has lured back Sean Menke, its former chief operating officer, to succeed Jeff Potter as chief executive...
  • Executive appointments - Air Canada

    News | 30 Jun 2005 23:00

    <P><STRONG>Air Canada completes executive reshuffle</STRONG></P> <P>Air Canada and its parent, ACE Aviation Holdings, have completed their separation by filling all senior posts in each organisation. When ACE was formed a number of senior Air Canada people moved to it, starting with chief executive Robert Milton. Now Air Canada has filled the vacancies left by those moves.</P> <P>Rob Reid is the first of three new executive vice-presidents who will report directly to Air Canada’s chief executive, Montie Brewer. Formerly senior vice-president for operations, Reid has moved up to become chief operating officer. He is the only appointee from within Air Canada’s ranks. He joined the carrier in 1976. Most recently he assumed the post of president of Air Canada Technical Services.</P> <P>During July Sean Menke became chief commercial officer. Menke held a similar post at Frontier Airlines, an airline he joined in 1999 as director of marketing and planning. Menke was promoted to the post o
  • Antitrust winds shift on United/US Airways collapse

    News | 31 Aug 2001 23:00

    The collapse of the ambitious but stillborn plan by US Airways to merge into United Airlines has left Washington wondering how closely to read the tea leaves of the antitrust objections that killed the $4.3 billion proposal.
  • Judge dismisses American pricing case

    News | 31 May 2001 23:00

    <p>DAVID FIELD WASHINGTON</p> <p>The US Justice department's landmark predatory pricing suit against American Airlines and its parent AMR Corp will not get its day in court: a federal judge dismissed the two-year-old antitrust case.</p> <p>Hearings on the case, the first alleging predatory pricing by an airline since deregulation, had been set to start 22 May. Brought by the Clinton Administration trustbusters who brought the Microsoft case, it charged that American incurred significant short-term loses in the late 1990s so that it could keep three low-cost challengers out of its Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) hub. Of the three - Sun Jet International, Vanguard Airlines and Western Pacific Airlines - only Vanguard is still in business. </p> <p>American, said the government, had cut prices and added flights after Vanguard's September 1996 announcement that it would add services in the DFW market. When Vanguard abandoned its plans, American raised prices and trimmed capacity, cutting capacit
  • Low-cost survivors

    News | 30 Sep 1999 23:00

    <p>CAROLE SHIFRIN WASHINGTON DC</p> After years of uncertain and even disastrous performances by new entrant carriers in the USA, some seem to be thriving and even beginning to report profits. Why did these start-ups survive where so many failed? <p>Accepted wisdom in the USA is that the fate of low-cost start-ups has been as predictable as it has been dismal since the ValuJet crash in Florida in 1996. But not all start-up business plans have ended up in the bankruptcy courts. For a handful of carriers, the low-fares business, against all odds, is turning into good business. </p> <p>The list of hardy survivors includes Denver-based Frontier Airlines, a 1994 start-up that has carved a niche in one of United Airlines' key strongholds; Pro Air, a two-year-old carrier that has breathed new life into an airport close to downtown Detroit and attracted strong business support in Northwest Airlines' backyard; Kansas City-based Vanguard Airlines, which lost $70 million in its first three ye
  • Frontier share purchase makes Vanguard tie-up a possibility

    News | 09 Dec 1998 00:00

    <p>The main shareholders of Kansas City-based Vanguard Airlines have taken an 8% shareholding in Denver-based Frontier Airlines and hinted about a possible combination of the two regional US airlines. </p> <p>The investors, headed by William Hambrecht, say that it is desirable for Frontier to explore various relationships with Vanguard or others. The Hambrecht investment represents the second-largest stockholder in Frontier. </p> <p>Speculation of a Frontier/ Vanguard tie-up comes a year after a merger of Frontier with now-defunct Western Pacific Airlines fell through. Western Pacific's demise has helped Frontier's earnings in recent financial quarters. Frontier saw $10 million net income for its fiscal second quarter. Net income for the six-month period ending 30 September was $10.3 million. In October, Frontier leased two new Boeing 737-300s, bringing Frontier's fleet to nine 737-300s and eight 737-200s. </p> <p>Vanguard reported a modest $323,000 net profit for the quarter ending