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  • Flight 100 - History 1959-1979

    News | 02 Jan 2009 00:01 | Günter Endres

    The jet was king and the Jumbo Jet proved bigger was definitely better. Meanwhile, the Harrier showed the UK could still lead
  • Learjet's latest

    News | 16 Sep 1997 23:00

    Bombardier's new Learjet 45 business jet proves pleasant and easy to fly <p>Peter Henley/Wichita </p> <p>In the late 1950s, William Lear designed a small twinjet aircraft for business use with performance comparable to that of the jet-powered airliners of the day. Lear established a modest production plant at Wichita, a Kansas town already steeped in aviation, being home to Beech and Cessna. The Learjet prototype had its maiden flight in October 1963 and was immediately successful. </p> <p>Learjet was acquired by Bombardier in 1989, bringing about the combination of Learjet's range of business jets with Bombardier's larger Canadair Challenger and, latterly, Global Express. The latest addition to this family is the Learjet 45 light business jet, an eight-seater with a nominal 3,700km (2,000nm) range. </p> <p>Although it has a strong family resemblance to its brethren - sharing the T-tail, winglets, "delta fins" and trademark Learjet windscreens of the Models 31A and 60 - the Learj