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  • Richard Branson

    News | 25 Jan 2008 13:19 | Andrea Crisp

    Serial entrepreneur and self-promoter Sir Richard...
  • Sharp card game

    News | 25 Jun 2006 23:00

    Airlines are finding new ways to exercise leverage on credit card fees, the next step in wringing savings out of the distribution process after travel agent commissions and GDS fees
  • Van den Brink repositions Transavia

    News | 24 Apr 2006 23:00

    <P><STRONG>By Andrea Crisp in Dublin</STRONG></P> <P><STRONG>It’s Thursday morning in Dublin and Onno van den Brink, the chief executive of Dutch carrier Transavia, is giving the keynote address to delegates at the Airline Distribution conference organised by Airline Business and corporate credit card provider UATP<BR><BR></STRONG>At over six foot tall, van den Brink is a commanding figure. And it is with this command that he has taken the huge step of repositioning Transavia as a travel brand rather than simply an airline. This means that instead of selling just flights, customers will be able to book their whole holiday package, including hotels, car rental, taxis, airport transfers and days out. </P> <P>But this is just another step in the evolution of a company that began operations back in 1966. In 1991 Transavia’s major shareholder Nedlloyd sold its 80% holding to KLM, and today Transavia exists as an independent division of the Air France-KLM group. Its operations are optimised
  • Risks pay off for O’Ceidigh at Aer Arann

    News | 06 Apr 2006 23:00

    <P><STRONG>By Andrea Crisp in Dublin</STRONG></P> <P><STRONG>Padraig O’Ceidigh has just stepped off the podium after speaking at the Distribution conference in Dublin and he’s swamped by people. They line up to shake his hand, interview him, wish him well, talk business, shoot the breeze and even hand over Irish whiskey. Everyone wants to rub shoulders with this passionate entrepreneur, managing director and 100% owner of Ireland’s regional carrier Aer Arann</STRONG><BR><BR><IMG height=168 alt="Padraig O'Ceidligh W250" hspace=6 src="../assets/getAsset.aspx?ItemID=12202" width=252 align=left vspace=2>He proves such a people magnet that to talk without disruption we finally have to tear ourselves away to the hotel café. Despite running behind schedule, O’Ceidigh makes me feel like an old friend as he explains how he and 60 other fund-raisers from Ireland are intending to ride the legendary Route 66 from Chicago to Santa Monica on Harley-Davidson motorbikes for local charity. </P> <P>It i
  • Zammit: Air Malta on the way to recovery

    News | 31 Jan 2006 00:00

    <P><STRONG>By Andrea Crisp in London</STRONG></P> <P><STRONG>Air Malta is fighting back. The Mediterranean island flag carrier has been operating at a loss since 2003, but after implementing a strategy two years ago to turn around the struggling airline, chairman Lawrence Zammit (left) can now say they are starting to make progress: “We’re on the way to recovery, but we still have a long way to go – most of it uphill”</STRONG></P> <P><IMG height=311 alt="Lawrence Zammit" hspace=6 src="../assets/getAsset.aspx?ItemID=11291" width=250 align=left vspace=4>Zammit took over as chairman of the Air Malta group in June 2003 at a time when the airline was plunged deep in debt. Increased competition, outdated infrastructure, loss-making activities and a heavy dependence on tourist traffic combined to drag the carrier into the red. Malta is still a busy tourist destination but it has suffered at the hands of other more popular outposts frequently served by low-cost carriers. But Zammit believes Ai
  • Is it a two-way street?

    News | 23 Oct 2005 23:00

    There needs to be consumer and shareholder benefits of transatlantic Open Skies, says Chris Tarry of CTAIRA, with analyses from Fabrice Tacoun