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  • Learjet pilot praised after low-level evasion averts A109 mid-air

    <p>Irish investigators have praised the airmanship of a Bombardier Learjet 31A pilot whose swift reactions, immediately...

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  • Learjet pilot praised after low-level evasion averts A109 mid-air

    News | 05 Feb 2009 19:24 | David Kaminski-Morrow

    <p>Irish investigators have praised the airmanship of a Bombardier Learjet 31A pilot whose swift reactions, immediately after lift-off, averted a mid-air collision...http://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/Learjet-pilot-praised-after-low-level-evasion-averts-A109-mid-air-322173/
  • NBAA 2006: News in brief

    News | 16 Oct 2006 23:00

    <P><STRONG>Deck retrofit</STRONG></P> <P>Universal Avionics and IFR Avionics have launched the first Gulfstream III flightdeck retrofit with EFI-890R flat panel-displays and the Universal-developed Vision-1 synthetic vision system (SVS). Supplemental type certification (STC) is expected "early in the first quarter of 2007", says Arizona-based Universal, adding that California-based IFR Avionics is "also looking for a Gulfstream II candidate aircraft to add to this STC". The SVS provides a three-dimensional terrain image instead of the traditional blue/brown artificial horizon. Universal is also upgrading the Dassault Falcon 50 with EFI-890R dislays and SVS.</P> <P><STRONG>ZR lite testing</STRONG></P> <P>Raisbeck Engineering has begun certification of its ZR Lite performance enhancement system on the Bombardier Learjet 31A. The drag-reduction modification is already available for the older Learjet 35/36, and was first flight tested on a Wal-Mart Learjet 31A in April. Certification tehttp://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/NBAA-2006-News-in-brief-209953/
  • Fractionals key to market growth

    News | 12 Aug 2002 23:00

    <p>KATE SARSFIELD / LONDON</p> <p>Downturn in production looks set to continue into next year, but more positive market outlook predicted by 2006</p> <p>Around 8,200 business jets valued at more than $135 billion will be produced between 2002 and 2011, according to aviation consultancy Forecast International. This represents an increase of 80% over the 4,556 aircraft produced between 1992 and 2001. </p> <p>The Connecticut-based company concedes that the business jet market is experiencing a downturn after enjoying a boom since the mid-1990s. &quot;Fragile economic conditions and declining corporate profits are taking their toll on the business jet market, as well as high fuel prices, limits on airport access and local noise regulations,&quot; says Forecast International. </p> <p>As a result, annual production is expected to decline this year and next with around 730 business jets produced annually. A recovery should then begin, with annual production in 2006 expected to increase tohttp://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/Fractionals-key-to-market-growth-153304/
  • Rejigged European Flexjet scheme launched

    News | 19 Feb 2002 00:00

    <p>Bombardier launched its restructured European Flexjet fractional ownership programme earlier this month, with the scheme moving from operating a dedicated, wholly owned fleet to selling time through third-party charter operators.</p> <p>The manufacturer restructured its European Flexjet operation following a slow response to the traditional fractional model in Europe (<I>Flight International</I>, 29 January - 4 February). Bombardier's European operation now comprises two programmes - Jet Membership and Flexjet Charter. Jet Membership features two levels of participation: Premi&egrave;re, for higher-use customers flying to multiple destinations, and Same Day Business for shuttle-style operations between two destinations. A Premi&egrave;re customer would pay €4,700/h ($4,090/h) for a Bombardier Learjet 31A compared with €3,750/h for Same Day Business. Flexjet will also provide pure charter services. </p> <p>The programme will use a fleet of Bombardier Learjet 31As, 45s, 60s and Chhttp://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/Rejigged-European-Flexjet-scheme-launched-143296/
  • Race ace Prost signs up for Learjet share

    News | 19 Jun 2001 23:00

    <p>GEOFF THOMAS</p> <p>Four-times Formula 1 world champion racing driver Alain Prost knows a good deal when he sees one, which explains why he was at Le Bourget yesterday to join Bombardier's Flexjet fractional ownership programme.</p> <p>Now the boss of the Prost Grand Prix team, the diminutive Frenchman has signed up for a sixteenth share of a Bombardier Learjet 31A business jet. Membership of the scheme will give Prost 24hr-a-day, seven-days-a-week access to a range of the latest Bombardier equipment, including the Learjet 60 and the Challenger.</p> <p>Prost has bought 50hr a year over the next 24 months, which will enable him to fly quickly and cost-effectively throughout Europe, frequently to and from areas not served by a regular commercial airport. He'll be jetting from Prost Grand Prix's HQ on the outskirts of Paris, to his home and office in Geneva, to F1 manufacturing plants across the region and to European races.</p> <p>Essential</p> <p>"It makes good business sense anhttp://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/Race-ace-Prost-signs-up-for-Learjet-share-132161/
  • Slowdown signs for US shipments

    News | 07 May 2001 23:00

    <p>Aircraft shipments by US general aviation manufacturers showed the first signs of a slowdown in the first quarter, although total billings were boosted to a record $2.1 billion by an increase in business jet deliveries. </p> <p>According to figures from the US General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA), shipments by member companies slipped 7.3% to 568 aircraft compared with last year's first quarter. Although business jet deliveries rose 7.4%, to 146 aircraft, shipments of turboprop- and piston- powered aircraft both fell, the latter by 13.3%, to 347 aircraft. Cessna shipped 27 fewer piston aircraft in the first quarter, New Piper 20 and Raytheon 12. </p> <p>New Piper's piston output dropped because it has halted production of the Malibu Mirage in favour of the single-turboprop Meridian. Although 25 Meridians were delivered in the first quarter, turboprop shipments fell 2.6%, to 85 aircraft. Raytheon delivered almost 50% fewer King Airs and Beech 1900Ds compared with the shttp://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/Slowdown-signs-for-US-shipments-129838/