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  • AUVSI: Ground feature

    News | 01 May 2014 17:47 | Danielle Lucey

    ​Lean years lie ahead for unmanned ground vehicles with deep cuts to Department of Defense budgets. The end of operations in Iraq and now Afghanistan also means that many systems that were used in those theatres are being reconfigured by the military. But like the market for unmanned air systems, UGV manufacturers are finding their way around the problem through the promise of commercial uses for their products.
  • AUVSI: Ocean search

    News | 01 May 2014 17:14 | Danielle Lucey

    ​Ping. Ping. Two noises that brought a glimmer of hope to those searching for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370, which disappeared without warning only a few hours into its flight on 8 March.
  • AUVSI: New vehicles, partnerships and sales shape maritime market

    News | 12 Aug 2013 17:00 | Danielle Lucey

    The unmanned maritime market has seen a lot of movement in the past few months, with new vehicle announcements, upgrades to past systems and transitions of popular platforms to new companies.
  • AUVSI: Lockheed's SMSS adds border security, counter-IED to its load

    News | 09 Aug 2012 00:00 | Danielle Lucey

    <p>Lockheed Martin's (booth 1657) Squad Mission Support System is known for helping lighten the load of soldiers as a cargo-carrying ground vehicle, but new...
  • AUVSI: HDT Global tweaks controller, robot

    News | 08 Aug 2012 00:00 | Danielle Lucey

    <p>HDT Global (booth 2828) is readying a new controller for release later this year to go along with its MK 2 Adroit robot manipulator arms, which are also...
  • AUVSI: QinetiQ North America Dragon Runner tossed into action for marines

    News | 08 Aug 2012 00:00 | Danielle Lucey

    QinetiQ North America's (booth 2949) throwable robot Dragon Runner 10 has garnered another contract with the US Marine Corps, totalling $4.3 million for...