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  • Ruag offers Do228 engine, propeller upgrade to India

    Swiss aerospace firm Ruag is offering Hindustan Aeronautics the opportunity to perform engine and propeller upgrades...

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  • ANALYSIS: Glimmers of hope for South Africa's underfunded air force

    News | 08 Sep 2014 16:18

    ​Tightening budgets have stunted many air arms in the past decade, but few have been affected so badly by a lack of funding as the South African Air Force (SAAF).http://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/ANALYSIS-Glimmers-of-hope-for-South-Africas-underfunded-air-force-403163/
  • Ruag offers Do228 engine, propeller upgrade to India

    News | 03 Jan 2012 01:11 | Greg Waldron

    Swiss aerospace firm Ruag is offering Hindustan Aeronautics the opportunity to perform engine and propeller upgrades for India's Do228 aircraft. India...http://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/Ruag-offers-Do228-engine-propeller-upgrade-to-India-366393/
  • CFIT and Asia main areas of accident concern: survey

    News | 12 Jan 1999 13:19

    <BODY LINK="#0000ff" VLINK="#800080"> <P>Controlled flight into terrain (CFIT) and loss of control were the two main causal factors behind fatal aircraft accidents in 1998, according to a survey by <I>ATI</I> sister-publication <I>Flight International</I>.</P> <P>The annual review of commercial air transport accidents reveals that five of the jet-powered and eight of the propeller-driven aircraft that suffered fatal crashes were victims of CFIT. Loss of control was cited in 13 accidents.</P> <P>Apart from the deadly crash of a Swissair Boeing MD-11 in September, major carriers in North America, Western Europe and Australasia suffered no fatal incidents, while Asia continued to bear the brunt of such accidents.</P> <P>In total, <I>Flight</I> lists 48 accidents which killed 1,244 passengers and crew during 1998. Over the last ten years, the world has suffered an average of 48 accidents and 1,267 fatalities. The worst year was 1996, with 57 accidents and 1,840 deaths.</P> <P>Taiwanhttp://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/CFIT-and-Asia-main-areas-of-accident-concern-survey-233100/
  • Regional Airlines Survey

    News | 01 May 1998 14:42

    <TABLE BORDER CELLSPACING=1 BORDERCOLOR="#000000" CELLPADDING=2 WIDTH=1164> <TR><TD WIDTH="3%" VALIGN="TOP" BGCOLOR="#c0c0c0" HEIGHT=70> <p>Rank</TD> <TD WIDTH="15%" VALIGN="TOP" BGCOLOR="#c0c0c0" HEIGHT=70> <p>Airline</TD> <TD WIDTH="5%" VALIGN="TOP" BGCOLOR="#c0c0c0" HEIGHT=70> <p>Pass</p> <p> 000</TD> <TD WIDTH="5%" VALIGN="TOP" BGCOLOR="#c0c0c0" HEIGHT=70> <p>Emp</TD> <TD WIDTH="7%" VALIGN="TOP" BGCOLOR="#c0c0c0" HEIGHT=70> <p>Revenue</p> <p>US$ 000</TD> <TD WIDTH="9%" VALIGN="TOP" BGCOLOR="#c0c0c0" HEIGHT=70> <p>Net Result</p> <p> US$ 000</TD> <TD WIDTH="5%" VALIGN="TOP" BGCOLOR="#c0c0c0" HEIGHT=70> <p>Year end</TD> <TD WIDTH="23%" VALIGN="TOP" BGCOLOR="#c0c0c0" HEIGHT=70> <p>Regional fleet details</p> <p>(In service + On order + On option)</TD> <TD WIDTH="16%" VALIGN="TOP" BGCOLOR="#c0c0c0" HEIGHT=70> <p>Significant shareholders</TD> <TD WIDTH="8%" VALIGN="TOP" BGCOLOR="#c0c0c0" HEIGHT=70> <p>Alliances</TD> <TD WIDTH="3%" VALIGN="TOP" BGCOLOR="#c0c0c0" HEIGHT=70> <p>Rank</Thttp://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/Regional-Airlines-Survey-35059/
  • East West in US deadlock

    News | 01 May 1996 00:00

    <p>The vagaries of the youthful private Indian aviation sector are starting to manifest themselves in the courts, as the number of cases of litigation against the independents by foreign lessors starts to rise. </p> <p>The most prominent case that has come to court is between East West Airlines and San Francisco-based PLM. The US lessor is claiming US$3.3 million in unpaid rental charges on three B737-200s the airline has on a five-year lease until 1997. </p> <p>At presstime, the two parties were in mediation following a Supreme Court ruling overturning a lower court order for the aircraft to be impounded and returned to the lessor. Instead, it ordered East West to make an interim payment of US$700,000 by mid-April. The case comes against a backdrop of threats by the DGCA to limit East West's operations unless it flies the thinner category II routes. </p> <p>Along with the widespread liquidity crunch, the current problems appear to stem from naivety. 'The problems East West are facihttp://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/East-West-in-US-deadlock-15829/