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  • Airbus to take industrial decision on future of A380F 'within days' as UPS extra thinking time ticks on

    <P>Airbus admitted yesterday that the future of the <A href="" target=_blank>A380&nbsp;Freighter&nbsp;</A>could be decided in the next few days, with the decision by remaining customer <A href="" target=_blank>UPS</A>&nbsp;to delay taking delivery of the its&nbsp;order for 10 of the type past 2010 potentially affecting the&nbsp;industrial decision to launch the type.</P> <P>Airbus has reached an agreement with UPS to change the delivery dates for the 10 A380 freighters it has on order, and to allow the US cargo operator more time to make a decision on whether to proceed with or cancel its order.</P> <P>UPS says the agreement specifies changed delivery dates and provides for possible termination of the original purchase agreement by either party later this year. UPS was originally scheduled to take delivery of the freighters between 2009

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  • Flight TV: The Boeing 737-NG simulator

    <H2><FONT size=2>Flightglobal's Kelley Malcher and Justin Wastnage test their flying skills on the <A...

  • Australian government gives nod to Alenia over C-27J Spartan selection

    <P>The <A href="" target=_blank>Australian&nbsp;government </A>has given strong indications...

  • Interview with Sherry Carbary, President of Alteon Training

    <P>Employees of US companies have more than the soup of the day on their mind when they talk about cafeteria plans. The...

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  • Flight TV: The Boeing 737-NG simulator

    News | 03 Apr 2007 10:00 | Kelley Malcher

    <H2><FONT size=2>Flightglobal's Kelley Malcher and Justin Wastnage test their flying skills on the <A href="" target=_blank>Boeing&nbsp;737-NG</A> simulator at <A href="" target=_blank>Alteon&nbsp;Training, London Gatwick.</A></FONT></H2> <P>But who flies the tightest circuits? Boys or girls?</P> <P>The video also includes <A href="" target=_blank>Alteon's&nbsp;</A>new president, Sherry Carbary.<FONT size=2><BR></P></FONT> <P align=center> <OBJECT height=350 width=425><PARAM NAME="movie" VALUE=""> <embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="425" height="350"></embed></OBJECT></P> <P><STRONG><A href=""><STRONG>Full interview with Sherry Carbary ...</STRONG></A></STRONG></P>
  • SOS goes out to Australian flyers

    News | 26 Mar 2007 23:00 | Justin Wastnage

    <P>One of Australia's most vocal general aviation lobbies is planning a nationwide body to reverse what it sees as a systematic destruction of private flying in the country. SOS Airports, a single-issue organisation set up to campaign against the activities of Sydney's Bankstown airport operator, plans to change its name from Save Our Sydney Airports to Save Our Secondary Airports and join with pressure groups across the country. </P><P>SOS Airports has been fighting a bitter dispute with Bankstown airport, which owns three general aviation airports in western Sydney and, renamed Sydney Metropolitan Bankstown, has just won permission for up to 12 regional scheduled passenger services a day and will become the Sydney hub for the Toll Priority express courier by mid-year. Kim Ellis, Bankstown chief executive, says extension of the runway to around 1,800m (5,900ft) from 1,400m will allow jets up to the size of an Airbus A319 to operate and provide an alternative to Sydney Kingsford Smith
  • Qantas seeks longer-range 787-8

    News | 26 Mar 2007 23:00 | Justin Wastnage

    'Hypothetical' high gross weight variant might offer solution for non-stop services between Australia and Europe
  • Australian Air Show: Airvan readied for Indian production

    News | 26 Mar 2007 23:00

    Gippsland looks to meet growing global demand with partial assembly deal as it prepares for turbocharged GA8
  • Australian Air Show: RAAF plans tactical shift to C-27J

    News | 26 Mar 2007 23:00

    Spartan appears poised to secure 12-aircraft deal, reversing service's previous selection of EADS Casa's C-295
  • Australian government gives nod to Alenia over C-27J Spartan selection

    News | 21 Mar 2007 01:00 | Justin Wastnage

    <P>The <A href="" target=_blank>Australian&nbsp;government </A>has given strong indications that it has selected the <A href="" target=_blank>Alenia&nbsp;Aeronautica C-27J Spartan</A> to fill its tactical transport requirements five years after the Italian company lost the Air 5190 light tactical airlifter project to EADS Casa’s C-295.<BR><BR>Senior sources within the defence department told <EM></EM> onboard a C-27J demonstration flight at the <A href="">Australian&nbsp;International Air Show </A>at Avalon airport in Melbourne, that a selection had already been made to replace the air force’s de Havilland Canada DHC-4 Caribou transport aircraft and that the deal may not be subject to competition. Senior sources within Alenia