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    News | 22 Oct 1996 23:00

    <p>L39</p> <p>Aero vodochody has produced several variants of the basic L39C the simplest version of second-generation jet trainer and the L39ZA training and light-attack aircraft. </p> <p>Both the L39C and L39Z are powered by AI-25TL twin-shaft turbofan engines. The L39V is a single-seat target tug. the L39ZO is similar to the L39ZA, but lacks the gun pod. </p> <p>The L-139 trainer/light-attack aircraft is powered by the Garret TFE 731-4-1T turbofan. It was designed, unsuccessfully, to meet JPATS training requirements. The aircraft is fitted with US avionics and a HUD. The aircraft, along with the L59T, was evaluated by South Africa in 1995. </p> <p>Aero L-59 and L-159 </p> <p>These aircraft are developed versions of the L-39 jet trainer. The first L-59 prototype was flown in September 1986, and the first production example in October 1989. The L-59E was flown in April 1992, with deliveries taking place between January 1993 and the end of 1994. The L-159 is a single-seat, ground-