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“By offering a range of print, online, email and face to face media options to engage with our audience Flightglobal gives advertisers a wide range of opportunities to get your key
messages in front of your target market, and to maximise
the impact of your campaigns.”
Stuart Burgess, Group Display Sales Manager

Delivering the right message, to the right audience, at the right time


Industry Resources is an online service designed to provide visitors with the most up-to-date information on leading products, trends and services within the aerospace and aviation industry.


Industry Resources will ensure whenever there is any editorial content on relevant to your business we can now publish your most relevant sales and marketing content adjacent to it, in a format you control. Your company does not have to be mentioned in the article to appear, the article merely has to be relevant to your business.


For the first time, you can educate and influence your customers and potential customers with your most relevant marketing messages at the right time, ensuring you not only raise awareness of your products and services but also engage with your target audience when they are most receptive to your communications.

The programme includes:


    •    A custom built industry resources microsite published on

    •    20 web pages of content

    •    Regular updates to the microsite.

    •    As your site is updated, so is the microsite.

    •    Press release publishing - your press releases are published within 24 hours.

    •    Unlimited amount of related links from your content to relevant editorial articles.

    •    SEO Benefits - significantly helps with your corporate search engine optimisation.

    •    A dedicated content and account manager to manage your site.

    •    Easy set up - no resource is required, you just need to approve your content and site.

    •    Full monthly metric reporting on results.

A user can find contextual advertising on any article page
Industry resources box on the page contains multiple links to key client pages
An advertiser can create bespoke pages with key content


1. A user clicks on a article that is of interest to them.


2. Contextual related links appear next to the editorial article from advertisers with relevant marketing information. The user clicks on the related links for additional information, products or services related to the article.


3. The advertiser's message related to the article is delivered to the user without leaving


4. Your customers and prospects will also be driven to your content on via the fully searchable Industry Resources directory.


5. In addition your content will benefit from SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), resulting in your content naturally ranking higher with search engines such as Google.


The Industry Resources programmes ensures the web works as hard as possible for you and enables you to evaluate the return on investment and understand what marketing material is working hardest for you. For more information or to take part in the Industry Resources programme contact Mark Hillier on +44 (0) 20 8652 8022 or email

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