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What directories are on offer?


Flightglobal offers a suite of range of directories that have acted as aerospace and aviation industry bibles for many years. Our most famous print directories include JP Biz-Jet, JP Airline Fleets,  Airline Business Airline Industry Guide and the World Airlines Directory.

JP Biz-Jet
JP Fleets
World Airlines



Since 1972, the 600 page JP Biz-Jet directory provides thousands of enthusiasts and businesses with a wealth of information on the world’s business aircraft fleet quickly and easily.


Now in its 42nd Edition, the JP Biz-Jet is a resource tool the business aviation sector can not do without.


The JP Biz-Jet directory is packed with complete listings of all business aircraft fleet, including:



    •    More than 18,000 biz jets and more than 500 VLJ’s
    •    Aircraft listing by country, tail number, age, owner/operator and previous registration number
    •    Fully cross referenced by manufacturer and construction number
    •    Aircrafts written off or withdrawn from use
    •    Reports summarising fleets by type and country


Advertising Rates

A range of advertising positions are offered, although note that many special positions are booked well in advance by regular advertisers and may not always be available We are also happy to discuss other special positions or insertions, such as a book mark.


  £ $
Outside back ( directory & CD case) 3,500 7,000 4,375
Inside front/back 2,500 5,000 3,125
Colour section      
Whole page 1,700 3,400 2,125
Half page 900 1,800 1,125
B & W directory sections      
Half page B & W 300 600 375
Logo on directory (+ CD case) 500 1,000 625


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