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“Flightglobal's team of technical illustrators get under the skin of the aerospace industry with highly detailed illustrations of noteworthy engines and aircraft”
Alexis Rendell, Head of Production


Since the early 1930s Flight International has become particularly well known for producing highly detailed aviation illustrations, known as cutaways.


These have continually striven to inform aerospace professionals to developments in civil and defence aircraft as well engine programs in uncompromising detail.


Flight International cutaways are a globally recognised product and benchmark for detail and accuracy. Our archives hold more than 1,500 military and civil aircraft, space vehicles and aero-engines to date, ranging from the Zeppelin to the F/A-18F Super Hornet, and the Autogiro to the Airbus A380.


The intricate and painstaking detail incorporated in a Flight International cutaway is the result of on average 24 week's work, from start to finish, for Flightglobal's dedicated Technical Artists to complete.


This will involve the artist visiting the programme's manufacturing facility and working closely with Programme, Product and PR Managers in order to achieve comprehensive findings from which the cutaway will be developed.



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Flight International Cutaway Programme Partner / Programme Supplier Logo Arrangement

Key suppliers have an opportunity to see their logo included in four colours on every one of the cutaway posters printed and circulated worldwide in Flight International.


All logos are positioned at the sole discretion of Flight International.


Upon publication each programme partner/supplier whose logo is included receives 250 flat cutaway posters (no folds) for their own promotional purposes.


Additional orders as reprints of cutaway posters can be ordered, in blocks of 1,000, at cost price, for twelve months from date of original publication date of the cutaway.


Upon publication one framed cutaway will be signed by the cutaway artist, mounted and framed and presented to the Programme Partner/Supplier for their own use.


2011 cost for supplier logo inclusion to Flight cutaway is USD$6,750 (£3,750 or €5,810) net.


Any usage of images after three years requires an additional charge.


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The Flightglobal Brand Report


BPA Worldwide is the global industry resource for verified audience data and media knowledge. Their audits provide assurance, insight and advantage to consumer and business-to-business media owners and media buyers in more than 30 countries.


The Brand Report shows how Flightglobal's customers interact with our products and publications.The independent organisation's report gives analysis across Flightglobal's portfolio including detailed information on unique users.


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