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“By offering a range of print, online, email and face to face media options to engage with our audience Flightglobal gives advertisers a wide range of opportunities to get your key messages in front of your target market, and to maximise the impact of your campaigns.”
Stuart Burgess, Group Display Sales Manager

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Improve your future campaigns by assessing the recall of your advertising and measuring the effectiveness of your creative executions


An Ad Impact Study is a research technique designed to measure readers’ awareness, perception and readership of advertising. The study has been conducted to help advertisers measure the impact of their campaign.

  • The ‘Ad Recall’ measure is the sum of respondents who remembered that they had either ‘Read thoroughly’, ‘Read partially’ or ‘Glanced at’ the advert.
  • The ‘Ad Readership’ measure is those who either ‘Read thoroughly or ‘Read partially’ the advert.

The following aspects of the adverts were also measured to evaluate why some adverts perform well and others less so:

Impact (what stood out) - what caught their eye about the advert:

  • Image / Graphic
  • Brand name
  • Product / Service
  • Offer / Price

Engagement (rating of advert) - whether advert was:

  • Relevant
  • Memorable
  • Easy to understand
  • Informative
  • Persuasive

By conducting the research online, advertisers get a faster, more robust and many would argue a more accurate measurement of the adverts (and brand).