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  • ANALYSIS: 'Radical change well under way' at Finmeccanica

    News | 19 Mar 2015 15:40 | Dan Thisdell

    ​Finmeccanica looks to be rising strongly out of a five-year slump, with 2014 figures showing its first positive net result since 2010 and a strong performance in its aerospace and defence core.http://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/ANALYSIS-Radical-change-well-under-way-at-Finmeccanica-410359/
  • ANALYSIS: How Viking Air's Twin Otter gamble paid off

    News | 19 Mar 2015 13:18 | Murdo Morrison

    ​About as far west as you can go from the aerospace corridor around Montreal and Toronto and the Twin Otter’s original manufacturing site, Canada’s other original equipment manufacturer is proving its gamble to bring the type back to life is more than paying off. Viking Air – based on Vancouver Island on the country’s Pacific coast – has notched up more than 110 orders for, and delivered almost 70 of the former de Havilland Canada high-winged, twin engine turbine powered aircraft since launching the Series 400 programme in 2007.http://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/ANALYSIS-How-Viking-Airs-Twin-Otter-gamble-paid-off-410008/
  • Finmeccanica heralds 'significant turnaround' in finances

    News | 19 Mar 2015 10:45 | Dan Thisdell

    Finmeccanica on Wednesday, 18 March unveiled a set of 2014 financial results it heralds as a “significant turnaround”, with profit (EBITA) in its core aerospace, defence and security businesses rising nearly a quarter to €833 million ($890 million) on sales up nearly 10% to €11.1 billion.http://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/Finmeccanica-heralds-significant-turnaround-in-finances-410320/
  • ANALYSIS: Gloves come off in US-Gulf open-skies spat

    News | 18 Mar 2015 20:39 | Ghim-Lay Yeo

    ​When Etihad Airways chief executive James Hogan accepted an invitation months ago to speak at a high-level aviation event in Washington DC, he wasn't expecting to end up defending his airline's business strategy to hundreds of people in a packed ballroom.http://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/ANALYSIS-Gloves-come-off-in-US-Gulf-open-skies-spat-410328/
  • EASA awards contract for cabin air contamination research

    News | 18 Mar 2015 13:06 | David Learmount

    ​EASA has commissioned a pair of German organisations – one a medical school and the other an applied research establishment – to research cabin air quality. The agency says the research will start with in-flight work to identify suitable instrumentation to measure cabin and cockpit air contamination.http://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/EASA-awards-contract-for-cabin-air-contamination-research-410302/
  • ANALYSIS: Bombardier's woes eased as CSeries production takes shape

    News | 18 Mar 2015 10:46 | Murdo Morrison

    ​A visit to Bombardier’s newly-expanded Mirabel complex, just north of Montreal, does not give the impression of a company in crisis, although the past few months have seen a succession of grim news stories about Canada’s biggest manufacturer. Even local taxi drivers fret about the company’s problems and the effect major job losses would have on the economy in greater Montreal, long the country’s aerospace hub.http://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/ANALYSIS-Bombardiers-woes-eased-as-CSeries-production-takes-shape-410133/
  • Air Madagascar renewal includes order for three ATRs

    News | 18 Mar 2015 10:14 | David Kaminski-Morrow

    ​Air Madagascar is ordering three ATR 72-600s on top of a pair to be leased from Irish company Elix Aviation Capital.http://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/Air-Madagascar-renewal-includes-order-for-three-ATRs-410298/
  • Indonesian Aerospace eyes airliner variant of CN235

    News | 18 Mar 2015 05:37 | Greg Waldron

    ​Indonesian Aerospace is considering the development of a commercial variant of the CN235 tactical transport aircraft.http://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/Indonesian-Aerospace-eyes-airliner-variant-of-CN235-410281/
  • Comac kicks off ARJ21 route-proving trials

    News | 18 Mar 2015 02:05 | Mavis Toh

    ​Comac has started a six-month route-proving campaign for its ARJ21-700, as the programme gears towards the delivery of the first aircraft to launch customer Chengdu Airlines.http://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/Comac-kicks-off-ARJ21-route-proving-trials-410273/
  • Airbus expects unions to target A320 FAL in Alabama

    News | 18 Mar 2015 00:09 | Stephen Trimble

    ​Airbus already has developed a strategy to counter an internally expected move by labour unions to organize the A320 final assembly line that opens later this year in Alabama.http://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/Airbus-expects-unions-to-target-A320-FAL-in-Alabama-410269/
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