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  • ANALYSIS: What Scottish independence would mean for UK aerospace and defence

    News | 01 Jul 2014 09:29 | Ken Walker

    If the Scottish electorate votes ‘Yes’ in September’s referendum on whether to seek independence from the United Kingdom, it will not only be aircraft of the Russian Navy that will be emblazoned with a St Andrew’s cross.http://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/ANALYSIS-What-Scottish-independence-would-mean-for-UK-aerospace-and-defence-400054/
  • First production HondaJet takes to the skies

    News | 30 Jun 2014 16:22 | Kate Sarsfield

  • Piaggio secures European approval for Avanti auxiliary fuel tank

    News | 30 Jun 2014 13:21 | Kate Sarsfield

    Piaggio Aero’s latest evolution of the P.180 Avanti is edging closer to certification and service entry following European approval of the twin-engined turboprop’s auxiliary fuel tank. The $275,00 feature is available as an option on the new generation Avanti EVO and for retrofit on the Avanti II predecessor - the the first examples of which are scheduled for delivery this month to Chinese operator Sparkle Roll General Aviation, based in Beijing.http://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/Piaggio-secures-European-approval-for-Avanti-auxiliary-fuel-tank-400884/
  • ANALYSIS: UK aerospace riding wave of new-era industrial policy

    News | 30 Jun 2014 08:20 | Dan Thisdell

    Things are looking up for the UK's aerospace industry, with government backing and new initiatives promising a new era of financial gain for all partieshttp://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/ANALYSIS-UK-aerospace-riding-wave-of-new-era-industrial-policy-400362/
  • Terrafugia seeks investment for Transition flying car

    News | 27 Jun 2014 12:18 | Kate Sarsfield

  • New Cessna business jet duo reach programme milestone

    News | 26 Jun 2014 10:04 | Kate Sarsfield

    Two Cessna business aircraft positioned at the each end of the airframer’s six-strong light jet family have reached major ­production and certification milestones. Cessna is hoping these two products will help to re-energine this embattled sector.http://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/New-Cessna-business-jet-duo-reach-programme-milestone-400799/
  • Challenger 350 wins FAA certification

    News | 26 Jun 2014 09:38 | David Learmount

    The US Federal Aviation Administration has just awarded full certification to Bombardier's Challenger 350 business jet, the latest development in its 300 series aircraft. Transport Canada certification had already been granted on June 12, 2014.http://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/Challenger-350-wins-FAA-certification-400797/
  • FARNBOROUGH: Global focus for this year's show

    News | 25 Jun 2014 15:45

    ​With this year’s major aerospace event fast approaching, companies will be gearing up to demonstrate their capabilities and showcase their products in the flying displays.http://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/FARNBOROUGH-Global-focus-for-this-years-show-400635/
  • FARNBOROUGH: What do new bribery laws mean for hospitality?

    News | 25 Jun 2014 12:46

    ​With the UK Bribery Act causing consternation among big-name companies eager to woo potential clients, we try to clear the muddy waters around the confusing legal issue of overzealous hospitalityhttp://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/FARNBOROUGH-What-do-new-bribery-laws-mean-for-hospitality-400398/
  • Learjet crashes after collision with Eurofighter

    News | 23 Jun 2014 15:54 | David Learmount

    ​A Eurofighter Typhoon has collided with a Bombardier Learjet operated by GFD over Olsberg, North Rhine Westphalia in Germany today. The Learjet crashed in open countryside and was totally destroyed with a crew of two on board. The German air force Typhoon has landed safely with no injuries to its crew.http://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/Learjet-crashes-after-collision-with-Eurofighter-400681/
  • ANALYSIS: IATA's new environment chief looks to priorities

    News | 23 Jun 2014 08:28 | Kerry Reals

    Michael Gill is hoping his 15 years of aviation law experience will stand him in good stead for the complex negotiations lying ahead as ICAO member states attempt to agree on a global market-based measure (MBM) to address emissions growth in the airline industry.http://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/ANALYSIS-IATAs-new-environment-chief-looks-to-priorities-400028/
  • ANALYSIS: What to expect at this year's Farnborough

    News | 18 Jun 2014 12:42 | Murdo Morrison

    Farnborough air show boss Shaun Ormrod admits that hosting a major air show is harder than it used to be. A generation ago – with the industry concentrated in North America and western Europe and focused on a small number of events – the biennial UK gathering was a must-attend. Similarly, with fewer distractions, being able to lure families in their tens of thousands at the weekend to watch an air display and buy some ice cream was a given; it was the era before competition from theme parks, mega shopping malls and interactive video games.http://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/ANALYSIS-What-to-expect-at-this-years-Farnborough-400246/
  • Aeris prepares Eclipse 550 shared ownership programme

    News | 17 Jun 2014 16:40 | Kate Sarsfield

    Aeris Aviation - independent European distributor for the Eclipse 550 - is hoping to launch a shared ownership programme for the very light jet next month and have the programme up and running in the first quarter of 2015, following European certification of the six-seat twin.http://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/Aeris-prepares-Eclipse-550-shared-ownership-programme-400501/
  • EAD issued on Honeywell business jet engine

    News | 17 Jun 2014 13:09 | David Learmount

    ​An engine fitted to a range of different business jets is the subject of an emergency airworthiness directive (EAD) both sides of the Atlantic because of the risk of low pressure turbine blade failure.http://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/EAD-issued-on-Honeywell-business-jet-engine-400488/
  • Epic E1000 on track for October first flight

    News | 17 Jun 2014 12:49 | Kate Sarsfield

    Epic Aircraft is planning to fly its E1000 single-engined turboprop in the third quarter and launch a major sales and marketing push for the single-engined turboprop at October’s National Business Aviation Association Convention in Orlando.http://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/Epic-E1000-on-track-for-October-first-flight-400485/
  • Challenger 350 receives Transport Canada certification

    News | 12 Jun 2014 14:27 | Kate Sarsfield

    Bombardier's Challenger 350 has received full type certification from Transport Canada, paving the way for the Canadian airframer to begin deliveries of its super-midsize business jet.http://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/Challenger-350-receives-Transport-Canada-certification-400348/
  • Cessna prepares to deliver first Europe-based Sovereign+

    News | 11 Jun 2014 16:04 | Kate Sarsfield

  • Boeing receives order for 777-300ER BBJ

    News | 11 Jun 2014 03:48 | Greg Waldron

    ​Boeing Business Jets has received an order from an undisclosed customer for a 777-300ER aircraft configured for VIP use.http://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/Boeing-receives-order-for-777-300ER-BBJ-400275/
  • Daher-Socata delivers first Asia-Pacific TBM 900

    News | 10 Jun 2014 17:01 | Kate Sarsfield

  • P1XX twinjet still a possibility – Piaggio Aero

    News | 10 Jun 2014 15:41 | Kate Sarsfield

    Piaggio Aero has not ruled out adding a business jet to its expanding aircraft line-up, but any decision to launch a new programme is unlikely to be made before 2017.http://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/P1XX-twinjet-still-a-possibility-Piaggio-Aero-400258/
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