AAR partners with Quest to distribute cabin treatment system

Washington DC
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US aerospace company AAR has partnered with UK-based Quest to aid in the development and distribution of a cabin air sterilisation system developed by Quest.

Quest and BAE Systems jointly launched the product known AirManager in late 2009, and the system has been trialled on BAE's 146/Avro RJ and the Boeing 757.

Under the new agreement with Quest, AAR is now an authorised distributor of AirManager, and also has responsibility for design engineering services and management of the supplemental type certificate process required by the US FAA to install and operate the product on a variety of commercial aircraft.

"AAR and Quest are working together to develop aerospace applications for the product, streamline the manufacturing process and penetrate new addressable markets," says AAR.

AirManager can be installed in existing air filtration systems. It uses a patented technology known as close coupled field technology (CCFT) that uses an electrical field to destroy and break down airborne pathogens, contaminants and toxins at a molecular level.

Quest says the scalable AirManager has achieved a 99.999% single-pass kill rate on bio-hazards and can filter out particles as small as 0.1 micron with very little power consumption.