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Boost your sales in the business aviation market. 

Critical business aviation market information from ACAS.

ACAS Business Aviation is the most comprehensive and accurate business aviation market information system available which allows suppliers to find new customers,  accurately forecast their market and carry out the latest market analysis. ACAS has been providing leading aviation suppliers with comprehensive and accurate fleet related data since 1988. Now we are bringing the same unique combination of software and data to the business aviation sales and marketing professional.

How ACAS Business Aviation will help your business:

  • Win new business - with regular fleet and contacts updates you know who to call to secure your next order 
  • Analyse your market - complete production and delivery history and state of the art software allow you to generate accurate reports in seconds. For example, aircraft type by region by year. Use the graphic tool to represent in chart format and drill down to individual operators
  • Fleet forecasting - produce reliable forecasts using our authoritative and comprehensive fleet data. ACAS data is already trusted by major organisations worldwide
  • Target new prospects - accurate owner and operator data can be filtered and exported so you can reach potential new customers

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Who can benefit from ACAS Business Aviation?

  • OEMs
  • Brokers and resellers 
  • Maintenance and completion centres
  • Suppliers
  • FBOs
  • Operators
  • Lessors
  • CAAs/Governments
  • Consultants



  • Fleets to tail/serial number level
  • Age
  • Aircraft and fleet history including transactions 
  • Orders, backlog and build rates
  • Delivery schedules
  • Owner and operator details
  • Engine and APU fit
  • Fleet demographics and trends 
  • Contact names and addresses
  • State of the art software for quick and easy drill downs
  • Ready to print/email/chart/export
  • Covers all aircraft and companies designed for the corporate aviation market plus converted to corporate

Analyse your market with data you can trust

Our data is compiled by our dedicated team of in-house researchers. We aim to have the most accurate and most complete data available worldwide.


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