Accident rate at record low after 11 months: IATA

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Figures to end-November show the accident rate for Western-built jets has halved this year, at one accident per 5.3 million flights, which, if continued until the end of the year, will put the industry on course for a third consecutive record year for safety.

The data, released by IATA today during a briefing in Geneva, shows global safety performance is at the highest level recorded at 0.19 per million flights for Western-built jets as of 30 November. This is 54% better than the same point last year when it was 0.43.

It adds that IATA members had experienced no hull-loss accidents on Western-built jets as of 30 November. Total Western-built hull losses are five compared to 11 at the same stage last year.

As of the end of November, the number fatalities from all accidents, 401, is lower than 490 at the same stage last year.

Günther Matschnigg, IATA senior vice-president, safety, operations and infrastructure, says: "It's a combination of many activities that has resulted in what we have seen today."