AerCap offloads 38 aircraft for a $41.9 pre-tax gain

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Operating lessor AerCap sold 28 aircraft last year from its owned and managed portfolios, resulting in a $41.9 pre-tax gain.

The lessor, which disclosed the sales as part of its fourth-quarter earnings release, sold 14 aircraft from its owned portfolio consisting of three Airbus A330s, ten Boeing 737s and one Boeing MD-11 freighter. It also offloaded 14 aircraft from its managed portfolio, comprising two Airbus A320s, nine 737s, a 767 and one Bombardier CRJ-700.

In 2012, AerCap sold a total of 70 aircraft, including 59 aircraft from its owned portfolio, comprising 35 A320s, four A330s, one Airbus A300, 14 737s, four Boeing 757s and one 767. The lessor also sold 11 aircraft from its managed portfolio, including three A320s, seven 737s and one 757.

The Aircraft Lease Securitisation portfolio was included in AerCap’s 2012 sales, and resulted in a $59.9 million pre-tax loss, according to the lessor

AerCap incurred a $13.5 million pre-tax gain from aircraft sales in 2012.