AerCap to remain 'disciplined' in sale and leaseback market

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Free from the weight of a large order book, AerCap is keen to take a "disciplined" approach to the opportunistic sale and leaseback market.

"We're looking at sale and leaseback transactions all the time at the moment. It's one of the reasons why we didn't go for big orders; we felt that the airlines had an awful lot on their own order books," said AerCap's chief executive officer Aengus Kelly on a second quarter earnings call.

Kelly warns the lessor must "stay disciplined" as there is a sale and leaseback deal "you could do every week if you want."

AerCap has completed two acquisitions during the course of the last year, but Kelly says the lessor has seen about 30 deals during that time.

He believes the market is poised for more sale and leaseback opportunities, "particularly now that there is a lot of the new money that came into the market that has been deployed and the level of deliveries is ramping up."