Aeroflot to lease new A320s from ICBC Leasing

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Russian carrier Aeroflot has agreed to take new Airbus A320 aircraft under operating lease agreements from Chinese lessor ICBC Leasing, according to Flightglobal's Ascend Online database.

The first two aircraft will deliver in September and December this year. Three aircraft are scheduled for next year while the remaining aircraft is expected in 2015, the data shows.

ICBC Leasing has two A320s on lease to the Russian carrier, according to Ascend. Both 2006-built aircraft were acquired last September from SMBC Aviation Capital with a lease attached.

Last month Aeroflot took delivery of the first of six new A320s from operating lessor AWAS. A second aircraft was delivered by the Irish lessor on 4 April while the remaining deliveries are scheduled through 2014.

The Russian carrier is also in the market with a request for proposals for financing five new A320 family aircraft.

The carrier is seeking a combination of export credit agency and commercial debt financing proposals, sources indicate.