Aeromexico Connect to lease three E-170s from Finnair

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Mexican carrier Aeromexico Connect has signed a six-year operating lease contract for the lease of three Embraer 170s with Finnair.

The first aircraft, which was earlier leased out to Honeywell, will be delivered to Aeromexico Connect later this month. The remaining two E-170s will join Aeromexico Connect's fleet in June 2014, when their existing leases with Kenya Airways expire.

The lease agreement is a part of Finnair's €140 million ($420 million) savings program, says Finnair.

Finnair Aircraft Finance, which administrates the Finnair fleet, owns in total five E-170 aircraft and 12 E-190 aircraft. These aircraft, with the exception of those leased to Aeromexico Connect and Kenya Airways, are operated by Finnair's affiliated company Flybe Nordic as contract flying for Finnair.