Air France pilots pressure carrier over A330/340 pitot update

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French pilot union SNPL claims to have reached an agreement with Air France requiring modification of the Airbus A330/340 fleet's pitot probes.

SNPL states that the deal means none of the airline's Airbus A330 or A340 fleet will depart unless at least two pitot probes have been updated.

"In agreement with Air France, from today, 9 June, none of the aircraft in our A330/340 fleet will take off without at least two pitots having been changed," says an SNPL statement.

Air France says it is not confirming whether it met with its unions over the matter.

The carrier decided in April to modify the pitot probes on its A330/340 fleet, following a number of incidents last year.

French pilots' concerns have been raised by the loss of an Air France A330 over the Atlantic last week, and resulting suspicion about whether the state of the pitot probes was linked to the accident.

Another French pilot union, Alter, had earlier called for crews to refuse A330/340s which had not undergone the modification.