AirAsia tipped for A320neo order after latest deferral announcement

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AirAsia could be next in line for a Neo order after it announced the deferral of 10 new A320s by three years to 2015.

The carrier says in a statement: "A key commercial reason for the deferral of the 2012 aircraft is to afford the company some flexibility to switch from its current order of the classic A320 to a new generation A320 aircraft, which is more fuel efficient when such aircraft come into production in the near future."

With this announcement, AirAsia has now deferred a total of 33 A320s from the 175 Airbus A320 order, which schedule of delivery runs from December 2005 to October 2014. This represents 19% of its total order.

AirAsia's latest deferral is also the second in eight months, after the low-cost carrier deferred seven A320s deliveries from 2011 to 2015 last August.

In 2012 AirAsia will now take 14 aircraft instead of 24. The number of deliveries in 2015 will also be increased from nine aircraft to 19 aircraft.