Airbus beat Boeing but records 123 cancellations

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Airbus regained the number one position in 2008. The manufacturer secured a total of 777 net aircraft orders last year, or a 54% of total orders in the 100-plus seat market.

Last week Boeing announced a total of 662 net orders, only seven aircraft less than its gross figure.

Airbus' gross orders reached 900 aircraft last year. At 30 November 2008, it had logged 878 gross orders, of which 540 were for the A320-family aircraft, 140 A330/340s, 186 A350s and nine A380s.

Airbus' net orders last year included 472 A320-family aircraft, 138 A330/340s, 163 A350s and nine A380s.

This compares with 913 A320-family aircraft, 187 A330/340s, 218 A350s and 23 A380s in the previous year.

Airbus says the recently launched A350 XWB saw orders increasing to a total of 478 from 29 customers, making it the fastest selling aircraft in aviation history.

At 2008 year end, Airbus had increased its backlog to a new record of 3,715 aircraft.

In 2008, Airbus delivered a total of 483 aircraft to customers, a new record for the manufacturer. This number is made up of 386 A320 Family aircraft, 85 A330/A340 and 12 A380s.

In 2007, it handed over 453 aircraft.

Boeing achieved 375 aircraft deliveries last year.