Airbus details single-aisle outlook

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Airbus's latest global market forecast puts demand for single-aisle passenger aircraft at just over 19,500 airframes during the next 20 years.

With the current duopoly and a 50:50 market share this would equate to a production rate of around 40 aircraft per month for the European airframer, which is still looking at raising monthly output to 42 and possibly beyond.

Chief operating officer for customers John Leahy points out that the manufacturer has been "conservative" in previous estimates and says historical figures indicate it has underestimated demand by around 10%.

Airbus's latest global market forecast predicts that the fleet of 12,161 single-aisle aircraft will nearly double to just under 24,000 by 2031.

There will be demand for 19,518 new aircraft of which 7,681 will be used to replace current jets.

Of these new airframes the 150-seat sector, the most popular, will account for 7,141 while another 4,877 will go to the 175-seat segment, the second-highest.

Airbus estimates demand for nearly 3,100 aircraft in the 125-seat market. But it also puts nearly 1,650 into the 100-seat category, a segment which its re-engined A320neo family will not directly address.

Some 4,480 aircraft in the current fleet would still be retained by 2031.

Asia-Pacific customers will account for over 6,000 deliveries of new single-aisle types while North America would take just under 5,000 and Europe would rank third with nearly 4,350.