Airbus price revision sharply raises premium on A320neo

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Airbus has sharply increased the price of its A320neo family in its 2012 catalogue revision, a move which raises the premium on the re-engined type to around $8-10 million from the previous average figure of $6.2 million.

The price of the baseline A320 increases to $88.3 million, up 3.9%, but the basic cost of the A320neo becomes $96.7 million.

Airbus said it was raising the average list price across its product range by 3.9% but that for the re-engined A320neo family would increase by an average of 6.1% from the beginning of this year.

"Our new pricing reflects the strong demand for our modern, eco-efficient aircraft families," said Airbus chief operating officer for customers John Leahy.

"With competition among carriers heating up, any tool that helps cut their costs will pay handsome dividends."

Airbus's A321neo, the most expensive of the new family, will cost $113.3 million.

Under the new pricing structure the A350 family will range from $245.5-320.6 million - the redesigned A350-1000's price increases by 7% - while the A380's basic figure increases from $375 million to just under $390 million.