Airline fatal accidents in first six months reach new low

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Global fatal accidents involving commercial airline operations of all types in the first six months of 2012 reached a decade low of nine, but the number of resulting crew and passenger deaths was close to the average for the same period in each of the last ten years at 338.

Most of the fatalities occurred in just two accidents, the 20 April Bhoja Airlines Boeing 737-200 crash near Islamabad, Pakistan, and the 3 June Dana Air Boeing MD-83 crash on approach to Lagos International airport, Nigeria. Everybody on both flights died, the respective numbers being 127 and 153.

It was a relatively good year for commuter turboprops with just two fatal accidents, a UTAir ATR72 near Tyumen airport, Russia, and an Agni Air Dornier 228 crash near Jomsom airfield, Nepal. Flightglobal Ascend's senior safety analyst Paul Hayes cautions about reading too much significance into statistics from such a short period, and comments that "yet again" the operators involved in accidents are ones whose name is unfamiliar outside their local marketplace, and the larger international carriers are absent from the list.

Flight International will publish a full accident listing and analysis for the January-June 2012 period in its 31 July-6 August issue.