American to consolidate operations functions in Dallas-Fort Worth

Washington DC
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American Airlines Group plans to consolidate its flight and maintenance operations control centres in Dallas-Fort Worth over the next 18 months.

The US Airways maintenance operation control centre in Phoenix and its operations control centre in Pittsburgh will be relocated to the American integrated operations control centre during the year-and-a-half period, say senior vice-president of technical operations David Seymour and senior vice-president of air operations Tim Campbell in separate letters to employees on 24 January.

“Consolidating our two operations centers into one team, adjacent to our primary flight training center and our corporate headquarters, is the right decision for our business and our customers and a necessary step on our mission to make the new American the world’s best airline,” says Campbell in his letter.

The move will occur in an organised and phased manner with some staffing “efficiencies” occurring as a result, they say.

Doug Parker, chief executive of American, told employees in the US Airways centre in Pittsburgh that “Dallas has a bigger centre and [it] is more likely than not that you'd move there” as a result of the then proposed merger, in March 2013.

American and US Airways merged on 9 December 2013 with a target of moving to a single operating certificate by the end of 2015.