AMR flight attendants to return to talks with airline

Washington DC
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American Airlines' flight attendants have agreed to return to talks with the carrier, as the airline's pilots union continues to study American's final offer.

In a hotline to the airline's flight attendants, the Association of Professional Flight Attendants (AFPA)'s national communications coordinator Leslie Mayo says: "APFA and the company have been in contact with each other regarding negotiations and both parties have expressed their desire to return to the table."

American's pilots, represented by the Allied Pilots Association (APA), is studying a final offer by the airline. The APA's board will vote by 27 June on whether to send the offer to its members.

American filed for bankruptcy protection in November 2011 and had requested to reject its labour contracts as part of its financial restructuring. Among the options it is considering is a possible merger with US Airways, which has won the support of American's three major unions.

A scheduled court ruling on 22 June, in which American was expected to win the court's approval to reject the contracts in a process called section 1113, was postponed until 29 June to allow the APA more time to consider American's final offer.

The AFPA is studying the potential deal between the airline and APA to "determine the best course of action for our members", says Mayo.

"If APA decides to send AA's last best offer to the membership for potential ratification, it is possible that the bankruptcy judge may delay his decision on the 1113 motion until the ratification period is over," adds Mayo.

The AFPA's board had earlier rejected a final contract offer by American, along with similar decisions at the APA and Transport Workers Union. However, the APA said afterwards that it would work with American to address a lack of specifics in certain areas in the final offer, and vote again on whether to send it to its members for ratification.