ANA's FY2011 cash improves to ¥247 billion

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All Nippon Airways ended the first half of the year to 30 September with cash and cash equivalents of ¥247 billion ($3.25 billion) an increase of ¥45.4 billion compared with the year-earlier period.

Income for the first half of fiscal year 2011 before income taxes and minority adjustments was ¥38.2 billion.

After applying depreciation and other non-cash items and changes in sales-related debts and credits, ANA's cashflow from operating activities was positive ¥90.4 billion.

However, expenditures for the acquisition of aircraft and parts, and prepayments of aircraft scheduled for introduction, as well as the increase in fixed-term deposits, resulted in cash flow from investment activities being negative ¥171.5 billion, and free cash flow a negative ¥81.1 billion.