ANALYSIS: Aircraft transactions - July 2014

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The Flightglobal's aircraft transaction monthly data analysis is split in three event types: operating leases, wet and sub-leases and the purchase of aircraft. The report covers single-aisle and long-haul aircraft as well as regional jets and turboprops.

The transactions for commercial aircraft totalled 198 units in July, about 60 aircraft less than the previous month, Flightglobal's Ascend Fleets shows.

This compares with 199 deals in May and 223 in April.

The data shows 197 deals completed in July 2013.

A total of 106 lease and wet-lease transactions completed in July, down from 143 in June but up from the 98 units recorded in July last year.

Last month, the operating lease market remained recorded 71 transactions, down from 81 in June, 82 in May and 85 in April. A year ago lease transactions closed on 69 aircraft with the single-aisle market accounting for 60%.

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The narrowbody market accounted 65% of last month’s lease transactions, with the Airbus A320 and the NG models leading with 14 deals.

Last month there were also nine transactions closing on 737 Classics.

The A319 accounted for three deals, the A321 for one unit. Four transactions closed on the 717 model while a lease placement also closed on one Boeing MD-80s.

A year ago, the A320, NGs and Classics recorded 10 transactions each.

Last month, regional jet leases reached 13 units, up from six in June and seven in July 2013. A total of five Bombardier CRJs were placed along with four Embraer ERJs and two E-Jets. The remaining two aircraft were BAE Systems Avro RJs.

The level of activity in the turboprop leasing sector stayed at previous levels with five transactions. The ATR family represented three deals, the Bombardier 8 family two deals.

The wetlease market recorded a drop in transactions in July compared to previous months. The data shows 35 deals closed during the month, down from 62 transactions in June and 42 deals in May. A year ago 29 wetleases transactions closed.

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The data shows 19 wetleases closed on narrowbody aircraft along with three regional jets, five turboprop and eight widebodies.

Last month narrowbody wetlease transactions accounted for 54% of all wetlease deals.

Once again, the 737 Classic and the A320 were the most traded model in the wetlease market with a total of 11 units.

The A319 and the 757 models recorded two transactions each while the data shows three transactions on MD-80 family aircraft.

There were four wetlease transactions on the 767 models last month, representing half of the widebody wetlease activity. One wetlease deal also recorded on the A310, the A340, the 777 and the 787.

A total of three ATR 72 deals closed on the turboprop market along with a single ATR 42, the data shows. A Fokker 50 was also placed on a wetlease basis during the month. The level of turboprop activity was in line with recent activity in the market. A year ago, five transactions closed.

The regional jet market was restricted to three transactions compared with seven deals a year ago. In July deals included one BAE Systems RJ, one Embraer E-Jet and one F50 unit.

A total of 92 transactions closed in the acquisition market in July, down from 113 units in June and 75 the previous month.

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Last month’s purchase activity also fell seven units short of last year’s 99 transactions in July.

However more transactions closed last month on the regional jets and widebody side compared with last year.

On the narrowbody sector, a total of 39 transactions closed including 12 737 NG deals, and nine Classics.

The data shows seven deals in the A320 market and a single A321 sale.

Year-on-year regional jet transactions increased to 25 units, according to the data. Last month 20 CRJs were sold along with four ERJs and a single E-Jet. In June 2014, the regional jet market recorded 14 transactions., In July 2013, 10 sales closed.

However 14 turboprop transactions completed in July compared with 26 deals in June. Last month, eight ATR 42/72 were sold along with three Dash 8s, one F50 and two Saab 340/200s.

A year ago, 10 turboprops changed ownership.

Narrowbody transactions accounted for 104 transactions last month, down from 111 deals in July 2013.

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Last month 46 operating leases closed (44% of the total narrowbody activity) along with 39 purchases (38%) and 19 wetleases (18%).

The data shows 54% of narrowbody deals last year were purchases. Operating leases accounted for 37% while wetleases represented 9%.

A year ago, however, there was a stronger emphasis on leases. In June 2013, operating leases accounted for 70 aircraft (45% of the total narrowbody activity) while only 21 wetleases (13%) closed in the single-aisle market.

Purchase events once again dominated the turboprop activity last month. A total of 14 transactions closed represented almost 60% of the market. Five units were leases and another five wetleased during the month.

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In July 2013 the turboprop purchase activity accounted for 17 transactions or 58% of this sector.

Regional jet activity jumped in July with overall 41 transactions recorded. In June 24 transactions closed in the regional jet market. A year ago, 24 deals closed.

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Acquisitions dominated this segment with 61% of the activity with once again the most popular aircraft.

Year-on-year the leasing activity was also up with a total of 13 deals recorded. Wetlease deals closed on three units.

Activity on the widebody market in July was short of last year’s 33 units but the lease, wetlease and purchase sectors were more homogeneous in percentages.

The purchase market represented almost half of the widebody market with 14 units. Wetleases accounted for 28% of the market with eight deals, while leases accounted for 24% with seven units.

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Of last year’s 33 transactions, wetleases accounted for 21%. The purchase activity increased to 12 units (36%) and lease events reached 14 transactions, representing 42% of the total widebody activity.