ATR calls for more ECA financings

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ATR's chief executive Fillipo Bagnato called for the Export Credit Agencies (ECA) to increase their market share for future deliveries financing, today in Paris.

The ECAs supported 54% of ATR 42/72 deliveries in 2011. This compares with 35% in the previous year.

Last year, the manufacturer handed 54 new aircraft to customers, and a total of 29 aircraft received ECA support.

Bagnato says there are increasing difficulties in financing aircraft. "The cost of financing is increasing, but there is money available in the market," he commented.

ATR expects about 35% of this year's deliveries to be financed via the export credit agencies. "I would be happy if they [ECAs] do 50% of our deliveries," he commented.

Bagnato acknowledges that airlines are more interested in sale and leaseback transactions. "There is a growing trend among airlines to request sale and leasebacks," he said.

ATR sold 157 new aircraft last year and backlog at 31 December 2011 totalled 224 aircraft.

Bagnato did not give any figures for 2012 but expects to end the year with the 'same backlog'. Over the next three years, more than 237 new ATR deliveries will hit the market. The manufacturer will deliver 72 new aircraft this year, 'at least' 80 aircraft in 2013 and a minimum of 85 aircraft in 2014.