Austrian offers three CRJ-200LRs first, more to follow

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Austrian Airlines Group says it has already been approached by interest parties for the sale of some Bombardier CRJ-200LRs. A source at the Austrian Airlines Group says that three aircraft are already offered in the market while another 10 will follow shortly. "The other aircraft will be offered over the next few months," he tells CAO.

CAO understands that the first three aircraft offered in the market are the oldest aircraft. The aircraft were built in 1996 and have MSN 7094, 7103, 7110. They have been parked by the carrier recently.

Austrian Airlines Group announced earlier this week it is exiting the 50-seater market and will sell the entire CRJ-200LR fleet that is operated by Tyrolean Airways.

"The reason for this decision is that the collapse in the high-price business travel market no longer allows us to operate aircraft with 50 seats profitably. Larger aircraft offer much lower unit costs," the Group says in a statement.

"We are planning to take the 50-seat CRJs, which are operated by Tyrolean Airways under the brand Austrian arrows, out of service at the beginning of the 2010 summer flight schedule. In addition, we intend to reduce our Dash8-300 fleet and replace them partly with Dash8-400," it adds.

Tyrolean Airways 13-aircraft fleet includes six 1996-vintage aircraft, two 1997-built aircraft, two 2000-built aircraft, one 2001-built aircraft, one 2002-built aircraft and one 2004-built aircraft.

There are approximately 30 aircraft of the type offered in the marketplace.