AUVSI: Brock Technologies launches portable ground control station

Las Vegas
This story is sourced from Flight Daily News
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Brock Technologies (booth 3618) is presenting its latest innovation - the Micro Portable Ground Control Station (uPGCS). The uPGCS builds on the functionality provided by the Cloud Cap Technologies Portable Ground Control Station (PGCS) commonly used for the Command and Control (C2) of UAS utilizing the commercially available line of Piccolo autopilots, says Brock. In addition to providing standard C2 capabilities, the Brock Technologies handheld uPGCS also includes a pilot console, ground station computer, video monitor, two video receivers, and an assortment of internal antennas thereby creating an all-in-one control solution.

"The uPGCS permits communication with the UAS and the ability to down-link the images and other information with a single handheld device," says Keith Brock, vice president of Brock Technologies.

Brock Technologies is currently utilizing the uPGCS with their own UAS platforms. The firm envisions the uPGCS will replace collections of other systems employed by UAS operators that require a backpack or shipping case to house all the components, which are "often sprawled out in an operations trailer or center during use".