AUVSI: Insitu fields improved night vision for ScanEagle variant

This story is sourced from Flight Daily News
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Boeing subsidiary Insitu has announced a new version of the ScanEagle with improved night vision is now in combat service.

The NightEagle variant of Insitu's ubiquitous small unmanned aircraft system (UAS) has entered combat operations with the fielding of an upgraded midwave infrared (MWIR) sensor, the company says.

The new imager payload, which is enclosed in a heavily modified nose cone, was fielded on in-theater NightEagle aircraft using an upgrade.

The system was demanded urgently from the operators in US Central Command, where the NightEagle and ScanEagle are significantly employed.

"When the customer approached us with this critical need, we felt confident that we could successfully field the new NightEagle MWIR imager in theater," said Insitu vice president of sustainment operations and General Manager Mary Margaret Evans.

"In less time than was expected of us, we delivered a mission-ready payload to meet the needs of the war fighter."