Avianca Brazil expands with LAN’s A318s

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Avianca Brazil is adding the Airbus A318 model to its fleet by taking two aircraft that were previously operated by LAN Airlines.

The Brazilian unit of Avianca currently operates a 17-aircraft fleet including three Airbus A319s and 14 Fokker F100s.

It said last year that it had planned further capacity growth in 2011 with the addition of "six new aircraft" to operate domestic routes in Brazil.

Avianca Brazil, previously known as OceanAir, was expected to expand with new A319s from Avianca but CAO understands that the carrier is taking two 2007-vintage ex-LAN Airlines A318s powered with PW6122A engines.

Last year LAN Airlines announced plans to phase out of its A318 fleet and said the first five aircraft will be sold in 2011. LAN strategic fleet renewal involves the sale of the whole 15 A318-aircraft fleet through 2013.