Bids for Aerolineas MD-80s due next week

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Aerolíneas Argentinas has rescheduled its tender for the sale of six Boeing MD-80s for 15 April, market sources indicate.

The carrier approached the market for one MD-81, five MD-83s and one MD-88 aircraft in February but withdrew the MD-81 last month. The removed 1988-vintage MD-81 aircraft (MSN 48025) was donated to a museum.

The carrier and its domestic subsidiary Austral are in the market with an open bidding process to sell their MD-80 fleets powered by JT8D-219 engines after scrapping two MD-88s (MSNs 53351, 53447).

According to the tender, Austral's fleet includes two 1989-vintage MD-83 aircraft (MSNs 49630, 49784) and two 1990-vintage MD-83 aircraft (49906, 49934).

The Aerolineas Argentinas fleet for sale includes a 1992-vintage MD-83 aircraft (MSN 53117) and a MD-88 (MSN 53049), also built in 1992.