Biofuel coming to GE Aviation engine test facility

Washington DC
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GE Aviation has committed to use 1.89 million litres (500,000gal) annually of biofuel at its jet engine testing centres, the company says in a media release on 6 November.

The biofuel – a cellulosic synthetic mixture – will be supplied by Washington, DC-based The D’Arcinoff Group, from a facility in Hudspeth County, Texas. The production site should become operational in early 2016, GE says.

The D'Arcinoff Group will supply the biofuel to GE’s main engine testing facility in Peebles, Ohio.

The jet engine maker consumes 37.9 million litres of fuel annually testing jet engines.

Though GE will begin using 1.89 million litres of biofuel initially each year, the agreement with The D’Arcinoff Group includes options to replace the entire fuel supply for GE's testing facilities.

The D’Arcinoff Group also agreed to enable GE to store the biofuel in the same tanks used by traditional jet fuel.

“This collaboration enables GE Aviation to further its experience with alternative biofuels in our engines, and foster the development of a fuel source which has great potential,” says Mike Epstein, GE’s chief technologist for alternative fuels.