BMI Regional nears final decision on shortening of name

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BMI Regional is still evaluating the option of rebranding to BMI, the name under which its former parent operated until aquisition by IAG.

The Aberdeen-based carrier’s chief executive Cathal O’Connell says his airline, which owns the BMI brand, will make a decision in the “near future” whether to use it. BMI Regional was acquired from IAG by Sector Aviation Holdings for £8 million ($13 million) in 2012.

“BMI is a name that has huge heritage and has huge recognition. Retaining the BMI Regional name was more beneficial to us rather than rebranding the airline as something completely new,” he said at the European Regions Airline Association’s 2013 general assembly in Salzburg, Austria.

As it explores the benefits of dropping the "Regional" from its name, adds O'Connell, the airline is asking: "Is it the right thing to do and, if it is, how do we go about doing it?"

O'Connell says the airline retains roots in the East Midlands, the area with which BMI's heritage is associated due to the head office's location near Derby.