Brock Technologies' Spear UAV completes flight demonstrations

This story is sourced from Flight International
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Brock Technologies' Spear unmanned air vehicle completed a series of flight demonstrations between January and March with payloads ranging from 2.27kg (5lb) to 5.9kg.

Spear is powered by an electric motor and has a maximum dash speed of 50kt (92.5km/h) and a stall speed of 30kt. It demonstrated endurances in excess of 1h with a payload greater than 5.45kg including a gimballed camera. Spear can be launched by hand or from a vehicle and is recovered via belly skid landing.

Spear can change its configuration for different payloads with a modular approach that includes forward and aft payload bays and a range of wing spans. While the standard design has a 3.63kg empty weight it comes with wings with spans from 3.05m (10ft) to 4.27m.

Vail, Arizona based-Brock says: "The recent Spear flight demonstrations were conducted with 10ft and 12ft wings. Modularity is provided by the Spear's composite longitudinal shaft, to which the body, wing, and tail sections all separately mount."

The UAV's assembly requires no tools and Brock claims Spear can be assembled and launched in 5min.