Caribbean Airlines unveils hummingbird livery as it readies to replace BWIA

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Trinidad and Tobago startup operator Caribbean Airlines today unveiled its planned new livery and logo as it readies to replace 66-year old flag carrier BWIA West Indies Airways on January 1.

Caribbean Airlines’ new livery centers on a green and blue hummingbird that is mid-flight. Early references to Trinidad refer to “the land of the hummingbird” and this makes the symbol “highly appropriate as an emblem for Caribbean Airlines”, says BWIA CEO Peter Davies in a statement.

Displayed beside the hummingbird, the carrier’s name is written in casual lettering and features magenta and purple hues.

“Caribbean Airlines style of service will be professional but not distant, personable not pushy, genuine not contrived, very natural and easy,” says Davies. “Its character will capture the diverse aspects of the region, its food, music, decor, language and personality - essentially, the warmth of the islands.

“Today is the start of a very exciting phase in aviation in the Caribbean.”