Cebu Pacific pilots suspended after runway excursion

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Aviation authorities in the Philippines have suspended two Cebu Pacific Air pilots who were involved in a recent runway excursion while landing an Airbus A320 at Davao International Airport.

The aircraft, registered as RPC3266, was landing at Davao at approximately 19:10 local time and veered to the right of the runway during the landing roll, coming to rest 845m from its touchdown point. Reports indicate that there was heavy rain at the time of the landing.

The accident caused damage to the A320's engines and landing gear, although none of the 165 passengers and six crew on board were injured.

The Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) conducted an investigation into the event, which included a number of interviews with the pilots involved, witnesses on the ground and an examination of transcripts from the aircraft's cockpit voice recorder.

"Through the investigations... CAAP has found Captain Antonio Roehl Oropesa and First Officer Edwin Perello liable for non-compliance with a number of Philippine Civil Aviation Regulations," the regulator said in a statement.

As a result, CAAP has suspended Oropesa from flying for six months, after which he will only be permitted to act as a "Second-in-Command" for one year after complying with requirements for the reinstatement of his airline transport pilot license.

Perello received a three month suspension, subject to complying with requirements to reinstate his commercial pilot license.

The CAAP adds that it has asked Cebu Pacific to reassess its accountable executives and station managers, as well as grant unrestricted access to flight inspectors to "conduct heightened performance monitoring".

In a separate statement, Cebu Pacific says that it is taking action to enhance its training curriculum to include more focus on wet runway landing procedures and go-arounds.

The airline has also engaged Airbus to provide an independent review of its flight operations systems and processes, it adds.

Flightglobal Pro data shows that Cebu Pacific operates a fleet of 43 aircraft, including 24 A320s and 10 A319s.